Meet Our MasterChef
Robert Thompson


"In terms of my food, my ethos is that ingredients are king – it’s paramount to source the very best from our hand picked suppliers.  I focus on using 3-4 ingredients on a plate but making sure you get maximum flavour from each one, whether that means marinating the meat for 48 hours, or pan-frying a piece of fish for under ten minutes and cooked to perfection. I find that sharing food is the second-most primal human interaction. In my family feeding, hosting, filling a cup – are all acts of love. What I do, I do for the love of family, food and togetherness driven by the desire to please and excite the palate by renewing everyday cooking with modern ingredients and global inspiration.

The whole creation on the plate also means not over complicating things – we’re not inventing the wheel but making sure the wheel goes round"

Rob Thompson

Head Chef, The Red Lion